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„We Shape it“

We are certified as:

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Extensive accreditations:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Machinery construction
  • Defence
  • Energy, etc


Customer-specific advice

  • Knowledge of the market from customer relationships over many years in high-value machinery construction, plant engineering and equipment construction
  • Field and indoor service across Europe and with a global presence
  • 50,000 product versions for individual applications within the range
  • Technical advisers can provide individual guidance for solutions to specific application issues

The materials

  • Tooling steel
  • Alloyed engineering steel
  • Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels
  • High-alloy special steels
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Titanium and titanium alloys
  • Custom materials on request


  • Targeted raw material stocks to accelerate the processes 
  • Long-haul deliveries are available 
  • Deliveries from the buffer stock for flat blanks - 1 - 2 weeks
  • Comprehensive portfolio of finished products in 1.4301 (Alloy 304/
    Alloy 304L) in bundles of 250 kg, deliverable in 2 weeks
  • Lot size starts from 500 kg (smaller quantities on request)
  • Packaged according to customer’s wishes (e.g. crates, slabs or film)
  • Labelled according to customer’s wishes
  • Finished goods store, part-finished store or consignment warehouse in connection with storage period agreements for security of production supply is an option

Raw material supplies

  • Permanently around 4,000 tonnes of raw materials available inbillets, rods, strip or wire in coils  for immediate use 
  • Framework agreements for targeted stocking of raw materials an option
  • 20 % capacity reserve incorporated for processing of urgent orders


Tailor-made processes

  • Combined for ideal effect from a variety of available individual processes
  • Reduction in retooling time from collating of commercial batches
  • Selection of commercial process combinations for configuring the required product characteristics from the wide variety of available individual processes

Custom dimensions

  • Save on time and materials from custom dimensions
  • Step-less selective dimensions (width and thickness for flat/square)
  • Rod length according to wishes up to max. 12 m rolled or drawn
  • Rolling/drawing of profiles according to customer’s diagram to avoid machining

Application-optimised shapes

  • Ready to use with the narrowest of tolerances
  • Restricted dimensional tolerances (e.g. half DIN) an option
  • Tolerance zone position as desired (e.g. only-plus or only-minus tolerance)


Reproducible quality

  • For products and customers with out-of-the-ordinary requirements
  • Jointly-defined process parameters 
  • Prescribed processes under customer’s specifications
  • Defined working plans for all departments of the business
  • Control plan
  • PDCA cycles
  • Data-secure administration of revision statuses and production events

Combinable forming processes

  • Hot rolling
  • Cold rolling
  • Bar drawing
  • Wire drawing
  • Adjusting

Quality from German manufacture

  • WE has the hindsight of a great deal more than 300 years’ experience in the forming and tempering of iron and steel
  • Our work processes are based on the knowledge of German engineering, European industrial standards and the comparatively strict rules of socially organised labour, with consideration to relatively demanding environmental requirements

Mechanical properties

  • Configurable hardness/rigidity (e.g. targeted rigidity is an option)
  • Yield strengths/strain limits subject to agreement
  • Temperature resistance
  • Toughness of the final product subject to discussions with the customer
  • Improved machinability


Development partnerships

  • Collaborative development of new market sectors (e.g. export market) with partner customers
  • New materials as an alternative to conventional qualities
  • Strategic development of processes and products together with the producers of new products

Problem-solving via process developments

  • The multitude of alternative forming and tempering processes at WE often allows a choice between various alternative process outcomes with differing quality characteristics
  • New customer requirements can be implemented by exchanging process steps

Higher quality requirements may be implemented (under certain circumstances even cost-neutral) by alteration of the process parameters


Metallurgical properties

  • Batch choice according to customer’s wishes/demands
  • Custom purity grade an option
  • US testing for cracks, shrinkage cavities and pockets with test certificate
  • Certification via qualified test certificates is an option e.g. German Lloyd, TÜV, Dekra

Product development

  • Einsal has the capability, on the basis of its technical expertise, to collaborate on product and process developments. In cooperation with our customers, we have already implemented the most varied of projects.