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Across the pond: Walzwerke Einsal in the USA

The United States of America - what do you think of when you hear these words? Of Hollywood and its blockbusters? The Mardi Gras with bourbon and Cajun food in New Orleans? Wild horses on the Texas prairie? A journey through the Rocky Mountains from Yellowstone up to Banff in Canada? Or maybe steel?

Because it is just as much a part of the USA as the Super Bowl and the Fourth of July. Without steel, the Trancontinental Railroad from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean would never have happened. There would be no skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and nobody would rave about a Corvette C4 or a Ford Mustang. To this day, steel is one of the most important materials for US industry. Without it, the gross domestic product of 20.9 trillion US dollars would probably be significantly smaller.

With around 86 million tons a year, a large part of the valuable commodity is produced domestically, but that is not enough to satisfy the US's hunger for steel. Another 40 million tons are therefore imported every year. From Germany, for example, or to be more precise: from Walzwerke Einsal. Because we have had a foreign representation in beautiful Bloomingdale, Illinois, just outside Chicago, since 2018.

In this article we will tell you what we do there, what the Americans use our steel for and how you too can benefit from our outpost in the land of unlimited opportunities.

Steel made in Germany

Measured against the total trading volume, our own share of 2,000 tons of steel exported to the USA is almost manageable. However, there is a good reason for this: We produce quality instead of mass. All steels that go from Einsal to the USA are high-performance materials that are completely tailored to an extremely specialized application.

The Americans now also appreciate this German art of engineering. One of the nicest compliments we received for our products was actually: "Einsal is the Cadillac among the flat bar producers."
It's saying something when an American lets himself be carried away by comparing a German product with a national icon: reliable, indestructible, just a bit better than the average.

Our steels are correspondingly in demand. Because what we export of course doesn't just go to our headquarters in the metropolis of Chicago.

High-performance steel for an entire continent

We deliver steels made by Einsal to all parts of the USA:

  • Northeast across New York Harbor to Boston, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.
  • Southeast from Savannah to Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami or St. Augustin.
  • Northwest from Seattle to Portland
  • Southwest from Los Angeles to San Diego, San Francisco or Salt Lake City.
  • In the central US from the Port of Houston to Dallas and Tulsa.
  • We also head for Canada and deliver to Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary.

The containers with our steel cover enormous distances: From Einsal to San Francisco, the distance as the crow flies is exactly 8,982.5 kilometers, the shipping route through the Panama Canal is over 15,000 kilometers - and from there it is often several hundred kilometers over land.

So if a company from the Golden City is willing to import a raw material via such a route, even though it could get something similar around the corner from Shanghai (the shipping route between the two cities is more than a third shorter), its quality must to be special.

Special steel for American products

But what happens on the other side of the Atlantic from the steels that have traveled so far? In fact, products that could hardly be more American. For example:


Without the Bowie knife, the Wild West would probably never have been tamed. A sharp blade made of the best steel is therefore still held in high esteem in the USA.

First of all, of course, this applies to industry: There, our materials are used for machines that cut potatoes for potato chips, for example – and which American does not appreciate this hearty snack?
But other products, namely plastic pellets, fall victim to our blades  - and if you think of the all-American girl, the plastic doll Barbie, it can hardly be more American-typical.

But even in the private sector, people in the USA like to use blades made of our steel; especially in the form of camping knives. But watch out, we're not talking about the pocket knife Dad uses to scrape some bird droppings off the awning, but about real hunting knives that can mean the difference between life and death in the American wilderness.

Medical technology

In addition, the United States of America is rightly considered a country of inventors and tinkerers - also in medical technology: Denton Cooley transplanted the world's first artificial heart in Houston, Paul Christian Lauterbur from Ohio built the first functioning MRT and Jennifer Doudna from the University of Berkeley is one of two developers of the CRISPR gene scissors.

Of course, so much creativity is only possible if the scientists have the best equipment at their disposal. That is why some of our exports, such as our 17-4 steel, belong entirely to medical use and are manufactured into tools that are as precise as they are durable.

Golf clubs

Alongside football, basketball and of course baseball, golf is one of the most popular sports in the USA. There are over 17,000 golf courses spread across the whole country and, contrary to all German prejudices, not only the upper ten thousand romp around there.

Golf is a popular sport that city dwellers especially appreciate as a way to relax after a long day in the office. For a few years now they have been driving the ball towards the green with Callaway drivers, which are made of steel made in Einsal. Once there, they switch to the so-called GSS putter, because a Japanese manufacturer from California advertises our German Stainless Steel. Unfortunately, we don't know whether this really improves the handicap.


Last but not least, people first took off from Mother Earth in the United States of America: the Wright brothers developed aircraft here that could be controlled in all three spatial axes and completed the very first powered flight in 1903. Their attempts would change the world forever.

To this day, the USA are pioneers of the skies and are constantly approaching new heights and breakneck speeds with their machines. However, their flying machines are no longer made of plywood and canvas, but of high-performance materials such as the certified aerospace steels that we supply from our factories.

Walzwerke USA - your advantages

Of course, this list of areas of application for our steels is only a small excerpt - just as the unbeatable quality of our materials is just one of the many advantages for our US customers. Because you also benefit from:

  • A direct contact: Our representation in the USA means you have a direct line to us. No hassle of paying attention to the time difference, no language barrier. You can reach us directly and easily.
  • Delivery from Einsal to your front door: We take care of the entire delivery route, starting from Einsal, Germany, to where your material is used. No delivery "to your local area", no stress on the last few kilometers. Our steel goes exactly where you want it.
  • Taking care of all customs formalities: Customs barriers are a bureaucratic nightmare and often more expensive than one would like if the declaration is incorrect. That's why we take on this job, register the entire delivery for you and fill out all the forms. All you have to do is receive our steel.

Wir freuen uns von Ihnen zu hören! 

So steels from Einsal are also very well received in the USA. Because on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, too, our name stands for the best quality, maximum reliability and perfect customer service.

If you have any questions, would like to find out how your own company can benefit from our materials or would like to place your order directly, we look forward to hearing from you.

Your local contact:

Daniel Aicher

Tel.: +1 630-802-9292
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