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The Oman Petroleum & Energy Show

From our location in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, we maintain business relationships in many parts of the world. To the west, our partnerships extend to the USA, in the opposite direction to the Indo-Pacific region. Next on our agenda: The Middle East.

Because the region is gaining in international importance every year thanks to its huge deposits of oil and natural gas; even if mankind can at some point do without fossil fuels - until the first fusion reactor goes online, we will continue to be dependent on these raw materials.

Reason enough to show the Arab world what we can do. At the Petroleum & Energy Show in Oman, we present our know-how about environmentally friendly produced special steels for the energy sector with the quality seal Made in Germany.

Host country Oman in facts and figures

Oman's capital Muscat welcomes us for three days. As it should be, let's start with a quick look at our host:

Oman is located on the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. With an area of around 300,000 square kilometers, the sultanate is almost as big as Germany, but only has five million inhabitants.

Large parts of the country consist of desert, precipitation is rare and in summer temperatures reach peaks of over 50 degrees Celsius. At the moment, however, they are at an almost pleasant 30 degrees.

Oil and natural gas have been extracted from the barren desert soil since the late 1960s. Oman generates 45 percent of its gross domestic product from the industrial sector, 81 percent of which comes from oil exports.

Impressions from the fair

The event: Oman Petroleum & Energy Show

When a country's economy relies so heavily on oil, it comes as no surprise that one of the most important energy industry trade fairs is held in Oman. From March 21st to 23rd, over 350 exhibitors will come together in the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center on 22,390 square meters to present their technology and knowledge.

Everything that is related to oil and gas production, processing and marketing, even in a broader sense, can be found on site: from representatives of the large petroleum corporations to producers of drilling equipment or special tools, providers of transport, logistics and storage to to manufacturers of navigation systems, developers of software solutions or experts in geology.

Our own booth is right next to exhibitors from India, the USA and the UK and is one of only four guests from Germany. For the duration of the event, we are competently represented on site by two employees.

Special steel for the energy industry

As a manufacturer of high-quality special steels made in Germany, we have a lot to offer to the energy sector. Because the industry's requirements for safety and the resilience of the materials used are high; without the appropriate expertise, it is impossible to produce such materials.

Our austenite 1.4404 and the titanium-stabilized 1.4571, for example, are ideal for use in storing and processing oil and gas thanks to their high pressure resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, but also as primary materials for valve bodies and fittings.

Our nickel-based alloys are also of interest to the energy sector. Due to their versatility, they are predestined as a raw material for drilling tools in oil and gas production, as a starting material for the manufacture of power station generators or for boilers and pumps in the chemical industry.

But our materials are also well prepared for the coming years. Because as important as gas and oil are for the global economy at the moment, the future belongs to the alternative energy carrier hydrogen. What is often overlooked, however, is the high demands that the element places on the materials used in its storage, use and production:

On the one hand, hydrogen is stored either at extremely low temperatures (sometimes only 20° above absolute zero) or under high pressure (25 L/kg at 700 bar), which increases even more if the tank heats up locally. On the other hand, hydrogen can cause embrittlement in metals and cause them to rust or even break in the form of acid corrosion.

But as already said, we are prepared: Our special materials, such as austenite 1.4435, 1.3964 or 1.4472, are able to withstand the high stress of hydrogen storage due to their high corrosion, acid and heat resistance and to store the element safely for transport and to process.

So whether it's about the extraction and storage of classic fossil fuels or the energy source of tomorrow, we are your reliable partner. Because we naturally deliver all our materials for you all over the world. After all, a safe and clean energy supply is a global challenge.

Three days in the Sultanate

Making new contacts, expanding our own knowledge and exchanging ideas with other experts - these are the goals of our appearance at the Petroleum & Energy Show in far-off Oman. Perhaps we were even able to welcome you personally at the trade fair.

If not, we will of course still be happy to answer any questions you may have about our range of services for the energy sector. Just contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.