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Why cheap doesn't always mean cheaper

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
- John Ruskin

The German steel industry is dying - so you can hear it again and again in the media. But actually that is not true at all: according to data from the World Steel Association, 40 to 50 million tons of steel have been produced in this country with reliable continuity for half a century. 
Rather, the facts are that the world market has been inundated by more and more cheaply produced steel for several decades, mostly from China and India. And yet German steelworks succeed year after year in asserting themselves against the competition and selling their products.
Why is that? 
The answer is: because foresighted customers have recognized that cheap rarely means a better deal. Saving a few cents in acquisition does not mean that this amount of money will also be reflected in the production costs of the final product. 
We would therefore like to explain to you what advantages you can expect from a cooperation with Walzwerke Einsal.

Application-optimized geometries

Ready to use with tightest tolerances:

  • Limited dimension tolerances (e.g. half DIN) possible
  • Tolerance field position as desired (e.g. only plus or only minus tolerance)

The price of acquisition: long-term cost savings

You may have already experienced it yourself: shortly after buying it a supposed bargain turned out to be a lame duck. The electrical appliance gave up after just a few days, parts were missing from a kit, the shirt lost its colour quickly, the cheap steak turned grey in the pan... 
It always makes more sense to invest in quality, since if a product does not fulfil its intended function, you have not saved any money, but have lost all of it. 
It goes without saying that the steel from our factories always meets the highest quality standards. We produce exclusively according to German industrial standards and are proud of our numerous certificates. Our in-house quality department ensures consistently high quality.

But that's not all. Walzwerke Einsal offers their customers even more advantages. For example:

  • Application-optimized geometries close to final dimensions: We do not just produce our steel in a few standard measurements, but in a large number of possible dimensions. Thus you always get the optimal size for you and save costs on material, transport, storage and further processing.
  • High surface quality: The most common defect in cheap steel is found in its surface - scratches are often clearly felt or even visible. The surface quality of our products, on the other hand, is among the best in the world. This makes further processing much easier, especially when it comes to grinding, and allows you to saves time and money.
  • Short delivery times: It takes months for a container to be shipped halfway around the world. Flexibility and reaction time are lost. We, on the other hand, are able to fulfil your order promptly and at short notice. In this way you always remain able to act quickly and can adapt to changes in the market and spontaneous inquiries from your customers.
  • Low freight costs: Shorter delivery routes naturally save money in your logistics. Especially in the current pandemic situation, the freight costs for the transport of goods from India, China and Co. have increased noticeably - a single container from Asia currently costs up to $ 500 more than last year.

Of course we are aware of the competitive pressure our customers are experiencing. That is why we are constantly working to offer our products at even lower prices while maintaining the same high quality. But perhaps you are convinced of our services, by even more advantages:

A hot wire: our customer support

If your shipment ever got stuck overseas, have you tried to contact the Port Authority to ask where your containers are at? Or if there was a reason for complaint, how well did you reach someone at the plant in Bangalore? Right… 
We put great importance into the satisfaction of our customers and are always available for questions. For example, we offer you:

  • Tool for price inquiries: With our practical online tool, you can easily inquire about the current price of your desired product. Simply enter the material, dimensions and quantity, attach the necessary files such as drawings and delivery instructions and you're done. We will answer you within a few hours.
  • Reliable availability: An e-mail we answer quickly, a call or a chat request immediately. Our telephone and our online chat function are available for you during all business hours and our experts will be happy to take care of all your concerns, questions and requests.
  • Smart web tools: Why laboriously research what can be done in seconds with our online tools. On our homepage we provide, applications to for example calculate bar length or weight, the desired corrosion resistance or for conversion of units.
  • Microsoft Teams: Direct and personal conversations are important for a good business relationship. But under the current pandemic situation they are only possible to a limited extend. In order to be able to continue to meet you personally, we rely on Microsoft Teams. A video conversation with our employees is just a few clicks away.

Satisfied customers are what we aim for. That is why we always strive to process your request as quickly and as completely as possible. We do not want you to have to wait weeks for an answer or lose time in a telephone loop. However, we still have one last plus point for you:

Green Steel: Steel produced in an ecologically sound way

Wherever steel is produced, everything is grey and the air is full of smog? That may be true, but not certainly not at Einsal. We put great importance in the protection of our environment and strife to leave the smallest CO2 footprint possible. 
Our plant is located in the middle of the Lenne valley, right between South Westphalian forests and a few sheep pastures. A little further downstream, the fish cavort in the water. Sounds green? It is! Because we:

  • Produce under the strictest regulations: Our plant fulfills all German and European requirements for environmental and workplace safety. We produce with low emissions and reliably take care of the recycling and professional disposal of all our waste.
  • Only use green electricity: Our energy supplier produces electricity from exclusively renewable energies. Part of our energy needs we even cover ourselves! 25 percent of the electricity we use are obtained from our in-house hydropower plant.
  • Constantly improve our systems: Relying on latest technology helps to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of industrial systems. That is why we constantly invests in new technologies and modernizes our production process.

We are very aware of our responsibility towards nature. A production that is as climate-neutral as possible, low material consumption, sensible use of resources and ecologically acceptable energy generation are always part of our work process. Paying particular attention to sustainability simply is part of our job.

93% of our customers rate the response time

from Walzwerke Einsal positive.

92% of our customers confirm us

great price-performance ratio.

A reliable partner

We hope that we were able to convince you of the advantages of our rolling mill. With us you get more than cheap steel. Walzwerke Einsal stands for the highest quality in steel production, tailor-made products, short delivery times, best service and ecological care.

Maybe that's why our products are a bit more expensive than subsidized goods from the other side of the globe. But here you get more than a cheap product for your investment. You gain a reliable partner with whom you can plan the future of your company safely and long-term.

Quality has its price? Maybe. But in the end it always pays off. We are looking forward to your contact!