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A look behind the scenes at Walzwerke Einsal

We invite you to take a tour of our factory. We would be happy to demonstrate to you how our modern systems are not only producing steel in more than 400 grades, but above all how we manage to meet every customer request thanks to individual product dimensions and the delivery of even the smallest quantities. Find out how we ensure the consistently high quality of our steel, are able to reliably deliver your order even at short notice and most importantly not neglect the environmental aspect. Because, that much can be revealed, our steel production is almost climate-neutral.
Welcome to Walzwerke Einsal.


Walzwerke Einsal operate a five-stand flat rolling mill, where we produce bar material from high alloyed steel grades as well as titanium- and nickel-based alloys. We can continuously roll any bar dimension requested by our customers in the dimensional range from around 200 up to 10.000 square millimeters. Since we don’t need shaped rolls, we are able to realize very short setup times between the individual dimensional ranges and can also roll within very small tolerances. This technology enables us to produce even small batches of just 500kg economically.

In addition to the hot-rolling mill we also have a drawing plant. The range of dimensions here is adapted to that of the hot-rolling mill. Often in addition with the heat-treatment, the mechanical properties such as tensile strength or hardness are adjusted according to customer requirements by cold-forming. For all dimensions smaller than we can pre-roll in the hot-rolling mill, we have cold-rolling and wire-rolling equipment available for the forming of wire.

In order to be able to offer our customers short delivery times we run a raw material stock of around 3.500 tons in a wide variety of matieral grades.

And we have a stock for finished bright bars in standard dimensions in material grade 304 so that we are always able to deliver immediately.
Our quality department monitors the entire manufactoring process. Amongst others, here we carry out acceptance tests and non-destructive tests such as ultrasonic testing.

But for us quality assurance primarily means creating a high level of process reliability. This applies to the main processes as well as to the secondary processes. It includes for instance high machine availability, high repeat accuracy, as well as committed, well trained employees and of course a high level of organisation.

The Einsal rolling mill is located in the picturesque Lenne Valley surrounded by pure nature. This fact alone makes us feel obliged to preserve our flora and fauna. To avoid greenhouse gas emissions we operate two water turbines, which produce about 25 percent of our electric requirements. And when investing, we take great care to install the best technologies in order to further reduce our CO2-emissions. We also try to keep our transport routes as short as possible and buy our raw material primarily from steel works in the region.

As rolling mill we feel ourself well positioned to master the major global and local challenges ahead and to be able to offer our customers sustainably produced material of the highest quality.