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As a producer of custom steel solutions, we can call upon a high degree of expertise in metallurgy.

Our customers benefit from our sophisticated manufacturing processes. All production processes can be also carried out for you as subcontracting work. Furthermore, we offer you technical advice and support on material technology, so that your final product becomes even more efficient. During our manufacturing process, comprehensive internal and external test capabilities can be integrated.
Another significant added value for you is our “Einsal Service” in the areas of logistics and packaging: We do not only take care of all formalities concerning customs clearance worldwide until arrival of goods at your end users, we also ensure your production by means of a consignment stock or just-in-time agreements. As your products and requirements are customer-specific, our service is naturally tailor made precisely to your needs.


All process steps are also possible as contract and service

  • Rolling
  • Drawing
  • Heat treatment (download flyer)
  • Further processing (alignment, surface processing, sawing)

Quality control

True quality is produced from the very start and not just “checked over” later. The quality that we provide you with at “Walzwerke Einsal” leads to smooth-running process and reduced outlay, bringing logistical advantages and lower cost.

  • Independent in-house checks
  • By means of our modern test laboratory, we guarantee you consistently high quality
  • Support and care re material technology
  • Non-destructive testing according to customer’s specifications (ultrasonic inspection, dye penetrant method, eddy current testing, among others)
  • Acceptance tests/external controls in accordance with DIN EN 10204 (2.2,3.1.,3.2)

Authorisations and certifications

  • EN9100
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 50001
  • ENV-GL 1.3964
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • General building authority approval Z-30.3-6 (Ü marks of conformity)
  • AD 2000 W0
  • DGRL/PED 2014/68/EU
  • CE marks in accordance with DIN EN 10088-4/-5

Supply Chain Management

  • Permanently around 3,000 tonnes of raw materials available in batons, rods, rings or coils for short-notice processing

  • Framework agreements for targeted stocking of raw materials and finished materials

  • 20 % capacity reserve incorporated for processing of urgent orders

  • Finished goods store, part-finished store or consignment warehouse in the context of storage period agreements to ensure production supply stays available

  • Customs clearance up to the door

  • Sawn short pieces

  • Laser marking on product for batch traceability

  • Packaged according to customer’s wishes (e.g. delivered in crates/not delivered in crates, slabs or film)

Technical consultancy

  • Combinable forming processes
  • Reproducible quality
  • Multi-faceted process technology
  • Support and care in material technology
  • Produced in Germany