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Via the implementation of an environmental system, we have ensured observance of all applicable environmental standards in our organisation. Environmentally-appropriate solutions to problems are top of the agenda - whether for our customers or for internal optimisation measures.

The continual improvement in efficiency of production and the further development of a standard-compliant energy management system both assist in reducing energy consumption. From using local waters, in this regard we can generate a considerable portion of our electricity needs ourselves on a CO2 neutral basis. Our goal is to bring ecology and economy into harmony. As clean air, clean ground and healthy water should also be made available to the following generations.

The most important resources to our business are the employees.

“Walzwerke Einsal” looks to the next generation to ensure the supply of experts and offers up to 20 young people per year the opportunity of a career start. In addition, we have developed our own healthy living programme with preventive courses and sports facilities.

Our integrated IT security management system combines data security, compliance and data protection, as much for our employees as for customers’ data.

Our base structure for successful risk management:

Sustainability of production · Corporate Social Responsibility · Prominent IT security