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Green Year für die Walzwerke Einsal

We will continue to produce sustainably in 2023! - Because, as representative surveys show: climate and environmental protection are the most important challenge of the future for Germans. That shouldn't surprise anyone. Three hot summers in a row, in which the crops in the fields withered and entire waterways were dry. Species extinction and increasingly extreme weather conditions cannot be discussed away anymore.

In December 2020, the EU finally responded to the increasingly loud warning bells and committed to tough climate goals. Instead of 40 percent in just as many years, 55 percent of all CO2 emissions are to be saved by 2030.

In the Lennetal, however, we are a bit ahead of politics in Brussels. Walzwerke Einsal has been committed to sustainability and environmental protection for a long time. Because even if we, as a producer of high-quality steel products, are part of the often scolded heavy industry, our business does not have to be associated with dirty air and gray landscapes.

There is another way! As follows:

Steel goes Green: CO2-neutral steel production at Einsal is within reach

How does a rolling mill manage to work in an environmentally friendly way? Doesn't steel production always involve a lot of bad words, such as exhaust gases, waste and sewage?

No! At least not if you act right and invest wisely. In fact, we produce our steel with particularly low emissions and at the same time ensure that our CO2 balance improves every year - environmental experts call this decarbonization. 

This requires actions that are usually not found elsewhere. Such as:


  • Wind, water and solar - green energy: The electricity we use in our plant comes entirely and certified from renewable energies. In places where we cannot yet do without fossil fuels, we rely on natural gas, which is known to be much more climate-friendly than hard coal or even brown coal.
  • Do it yourself, instead of waiting for change - our hydropower plant: We even produce a quarter of the energy we use ourselves. In an absolutely environmentally friendly manner in our own hydropower plant. The Lenne doesn't just rush past our factory in a picturesque way, but is one of our most productive employees.
  • Invest in tomorrow's technology today - our machines: Sure, a modern car uses significantly less energy than a 30-year-old tin bowl. This principle also applies to the machines we work with. That is why we are continuously modernizing our systems in order to always work as energy-efficiently as possible and thus in an environmentally friendly manner. For the near future, for example, the modernization of our rolling unit and our natural gas-powered heat treatment plant are firmly planned.
  • Buy clever, buy local - local suppliers: As a rolling mill in the heart of the republic in the densely wooded South Westphalia, the majority of our suppliers are in the immediate vicinity. This is not only good for the German economy, it also avoids long transport routes. Overseas steel may be pennies cheaper. But did you know that a container ship uses around 300 tons of heavy oil a day? At least it's worth the small surcharge for us.
  • Green, healthy, delicious - our orchard: Okay, this point has nothing directly to do with our steel production. Nonetheless, it should not go unmentioned that Walzwerke Einsal are also fruit growers. In 2019 we planted countless apple, pear, plum and cherry trees on a 3000 square meter meadow right next to our shipping hall. These include many old varieties that, with their dense inflorescence, are ideal for bees, butterflies and other insects. And every single tree is a small step towards less CO2.

A sustainable product: steel is better than its reputation

Sure, our heart beats for steel. That's why we like to mention the progress that our industry has made over the last few decades. Fresh water consumption in steel production has been reduced by 70 percent nationwide since 1960; the Co2 emissions by at least 60 percent - and as I said, at Einsal we try to be a little better.

But energy-efficient and environmentally conscious production does not make a product ecological. That takes a little more - and steel has it!

Because, on the one hand, our material is extremely robust and durable. Something constructed of steel will, at best, last for centuries. So it's good that it is so versatile. If you look around, you will find steel everywhere. In house and car construction, in your bathroom and kitchen, with your work and leisure equipment.

On the other hand - and this is the crucial point - steel is 100 percent recyclable. Unlike plastic, for example, our product is not something that is used once and then ends up in nature as waste, but can be recycled again and again. There is no loss of quality, on the contrary. Steel scrap is a sought-after raw material because it is much easier to make new products from it than to make new steel from pig iron. There is a good reason why your scrap dealer takes the old heater away from you with a kiss.

People and nature in harmony: our company philosophy

As the largest employer in the region, we are of course not only committed to the environment. After all, what use is a green Lennetal with its dense forests and ancient sheep pastures if no one is there to enjoy it?

For us, sustainability also means treating each individual employee with care. This is called corporate social responsibility in cool business parlance. We prefer to say corporate social responsibility. Because that is exactly what we are: As a company, we are responsible for good social interaction.

Company provision and its own health management are therefore a matter of course for Walzwerke Einsal. Those who work for us should feel safe and in good hands. One can worry about retirement and physical well-being elsewhere.

And while we're talking about physical well-being: We also offer our own sports program for our employees. That keeps fit and bonds together. There are running clubs, badminton, table tennis ... something for everyone. At the moment, of course, we have to reduce our joint activities a bit - pandemic, corona, contact restrictions. But as soon as this crisis is over, it starts again immediately!

Speaking of the crisis, we didn't have to lay off a single employee in 2021. The entire team is still on board and is already scratching their feet in order to get off to a full start this year with full commitment and a lot of know-how. The last twelve months have been tough for many people and we are happy to have brought our team through this difficult time safe and sound. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why our employees have been with us for an average of 18 years?

Responsibility, caution and efficiency - these are Walzwerke Einsal

As you can see, the clocks tick a little differently in the Lennetal. It’s not just about profit and the cheapest possible production. Rather, we want to deliver the best possible product to our customers, manufactured under the best possible conditions. Because for us, quality does not just mean satisfied end users, but a perfect production chain.

The environment is just as important to us as the well-being of our employees and the trusting cooperation with all our partners. Of course, cheap steel from India is a little cheaper. But to whom is it useful if nature is destroyed and people are exploited for it. Our way looks different. We think it’s better. Because we are doing the right thing.

If you would like to find out more about this topic, write us your question here!


February 1st, 2022